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As a supervisor of an Inclusive Child Care Centre, I worked with Zainab Fazal to enhance the programs in order to provide a quality learning environment for children with autism. As a BCBA, Ms. Fazal worked very closely with child care staff, on site behaviour therapists and parents. She trained staff on appropriate methods of data collection, overseeing therapy sessions (allowing for hands on training), raised standard of care, held progress meetings with parents and held workshops for parents/staff. Ms. Fazal is very knowledgeable, caring, easily approachable, and her professionalism is something to be applauded.

Siddika Sumar, R.E.C.E.  - September 14 2017

Zainab drives the behavioural and communication program, establishes strategy and provides training to the team who support my complex needs ASD son. She is methodical, insightful and creative in her approach. She maintains a calm and positive outlook and is not deterred by challenges. We are most appreciative of her guidance and participation in our son's life.

Parent  - September 14 2017