"Over time, parental wars take a greater toll on a child's development than any other single factor in divorce"

(Garrity & Baris, 1994, p. 35)

Children and parents experience a myriad of feelings and emotions during separation and divorce. Parenting becomes more challenging, and the parent-child relationship takes quite a hit. Children react and cope differently to their parents’ divorcing, often by acting out or withdrawing from everything and everyone. Parents often gets calls from schools about “bad behaviour” and kids start playing parents off each other (because they’re smart like that!) and a whole lot of other challenges. Often, mom and dad agree on nothing EXCEPT they want their child to be okay after the divorce. We recognize that co-parenting is difficult, no matter the circumstance. We are pleased to offer a number of services to help you develop positive co-parenting strategies to help you, your ex-spouse and child. If your ex-spouse is not willing to come, we can still make great progress with you and your child (so don’t let them stop you from reaching out to us).

Parenting is hard. Co-parenting with your ex-spouse is even harder! But there are ways to improve parenting practices in shared custody situations. Let’s work together to support yours and your child’s well being during and after divorce.

Services are offered as individualized family sessions or as group seminar events. Most services are provided in the GTA. To learn more about and to register for an upcoming seminar, check out our events page.

"Love your child more than you hate your ex"