The parent-child relationship is the key to a happy family. When the relationship endures any type of negativity, trauma, or unpleasant events, practicing good parenting strategies goes out the window, challenging behaviours start happening, and with it, usually comes a lot of yelling, crying, and screaming.  Building a positive relationship with your child is our main goal. We want you and your child to interact positively; we want you to enjoy every stage of your child’s development and all the parenting fun it comes with.  

The process for individual family services involves understanding your family’s unique situation, the challenges you are faced with, and developing positive practices for you and your child. Group seminars are also offered throughout the year to help parents learn effective strategies to use in their homes.

If you’re interested in our group events, check out the upcoming workshops. For families that might be dealing with more severe challenging behaviours, our behaviour analytic services may be what you need. And if you’re a single parent or co-parenting with your ex-spouse, take a stroll to our co-parenting section to learn about more services.

Parenting is tough. There’s no other way to put it! Parenting is even tougher when parents are stressed and tired. A large part of our parenting sessions include strategies to help parents take care of themselves. We use mindfulness practices and evidence-based strategies to make sure parents are looking after their mental well being first.

We do this because if you are not 100%, you cannot give 100% to your child!

Let us work with you to help develop and nurture positive family relationships. Contact us today to get a quote or to book your first complimentary consultation.